Nieca Rey'ol


Lieutenant Commander


Chief of Security










140 Lb.

Place/Date of Birth:

Caitia/ 04/28/2344


English, Caitian, Klingon, Bajoran


Mother: Myna Ol -DOB: 7-14-2324
Jarok Rey -DOB: 11-22-2320

Sisters: Nania and Sheea Rey’ol –DOB:4-28-  2344
Children – Romulus and Kira Leo’Rey –DOB: 2-14-2364
Ex-Husband – RaySha Leo-DOB: 12-30-2339


Puzzle and Strategy games, hand to hand combat, melee weapons, adventure and mystery Sims, camping and rock climbing, fine cigars and quality liquors


2365 - 2369 Starfleet Academy 


Starfleet Record:


2369-2370 USS Relentless (Ensign, promoted to Lt. Jg)
P.O.W. –Cardassian slave camp for five months

2371-2372 USS Arkansas (Lieutenant)

2372-2374 USS Williamson (Lieutenant as assisting chief of security, promoted to Lt. Cmdr. before transfer to USS Renegade)

2374-Present USS  Renegade: Chief of Security


Federation Medallion, Purple Heart, NCO's service medal, Elite Marksman, Decoration of Gallantry, Grankite order of tactics, Citation of Valor


  In order to fully understand Nieca and her rapid acceleration in Starfleet you must first understand the ways of her people. 

 Caitans are generally polygamists were a single male establishes his household through wealth and business. The more wives a man has the wealthier he is said to be, it is common that a male will marry two sisters or a mother and daughter thus preventing jealously between wives due to their deeper bonds. But this sense of male dominance is a simple social façade because the man may be the head of the house but the women are his neck. Thus Caitan women are smart, productive females who balance business and family excellently while taking pride in the success of their husband and the honor of their family.  

 Born under the House of Rey, Nieca is one of three sisters of the same litter and has a total of eleven siblings born from her father Jarok. Nieca receives the last name of Rey’ol as a combination of her mother and father’s last names. Due to the pre-established families of women, related wives will form smaller family sects within the household and their offspring will take a combination of their parent’s surnames.  

 Caitian culture was once quite and peaceful and was deeply rooted in philosophy and art but much of that changed when exploratory ship discovered life in the Lynx Constellation. With the arrival of alien races to Caitia, war and slavery flourished among its people. At first the battles were fought between slavers and the Caitians, but soon Caitians learned that much wealth could be achieved through the selling of their own people. Thus civil wars and slave marketing ran rampit on Cait for many years causing the Caitians to abandon their docile ways for a more aggressive society. Even though the civil disputes of Cait have been democratically pacified, Caitians still embrace their warlike ways in order to prevent exploitation.

 The House of Rey was established through the selling of slaves during the time of civil war, and even though the slave trading money has long left the household the level of power and dominance it once created still makes Rey a name of regency on Cait. 

 Nieca was schooled at home with her siblings in the customs of Cait, the focus of her studies were on defense and strategy, business and politics. And when she came of age, Nieca was given to her husband RaySha in exchange for a marvelous trade embargo.

 RaySha was a fool of a husband and Caitian. What little political power he held was created through the legacy of his late father and as RaySha continued to reign over his household, the honor it once held slowly slipped away. Nieca was his first wife and because of that she held higher duties and commanded more respect then his other wives, and also because of this she was the first to conceive children for RaySha. Several months prior to the birth of their children and only a year before RaySha had to surrender his position as head of the House of Leo, Nieca divorced her husband. Pregnant and alone Nieca returned to her father’s house and was openly embraced by her family sect.

 Nieca gave birth to twins, Romulus and Kira on February 14, 2364 and it was one of the proudest moments of her life. With two beautiful children and the re-assimilation into her family’s house Nieca knew she had to contribute to the production and profit of the House of Rey. There was little a women could do on Cait after she was divorced and had children, Nieca knew that she would have to look outward to the Federation in order to aid her family. After promises of pension and honor by recruitment agents, Nieca decided to enlist in Starfleet. Leaving her children to be raised by her mother and sisters she traveled to Earth to begin her schooling.

 Caitians were a rare sight on Earth, very few of them ever leave Caitia due to the lack of acceptance that comes from other cultures. But Nieca remained diligent to her goals and found that the morals and schooling of Caitia made her an excellent security and tactical officer. Upon her graduation she quickly joined a ship headed for battle in the Dominion Wars. 

 The USS Relentless was just that, a cold heavily armored battle ship that was meant to dominate any battle it encountered. Things went well for Nieca and the Relentless for almost a year, they won many battles and the young ensign was quickly promoted to Lt. JG. Nieca was fierce fighter who used her head first and her muscle second, she was fast to exploit weakness in her foes and easily conquered them with little bloodshed. Nieca was an up and coming star on the Relentless until the day they lost a battle to a fleet of Cardassian ships. 

 As the Relentless fell to the hands of the Cardassians Nieca became a prisoner of war, wounded and delivered to a slave camp she resided in famine and filth for five months before the Federation was able to liberate the encampment. Upon her freedom, Nieca received decorations and a promotion to Lt. as well as reassignment to the USS Arkansas. 

 The Arkansas was a boring ship to Nieca, with border patrol duties in a rather peaceful quadrant little action was ever seen by the crew. Apparently Starfleet was trying to do Nieca a favor by giving her peaceful duties after surviving such a brutal ordeal, but the lack of events aboard the Arkansas made her feel useless. After a year in border patrol duties Nieca requested transfer to a ship on the battle front. Starfleet reviewed her record along with her eagerness to return to the fight and it was at this time that they gave her the option to become Assistant Chief of Security aboard the USS Williamson. Nieca was anxious to return and happily obliged to the reassignment.

 Becoming an ACS brought Nieca’s career to a new level. She was required to truly master all levels of combat and strategy and in exchange she had to train all new recruits aboard the Williamson. Nieca did well in her new position, the war-like tactics of her people mixed with the command she once held in running a household were combined in a brilliant fashion…that is until the Williamson was destroyed in combat.


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